What are the benefits of concrete bricks?

1. The self-weight of the building is reduced by 50% thereby increasing the strength of the building.
2. Overall costs are lower.
3. Less work time is required.
4. If you want to get rid of the trouble of plaster in the construction of boundary walls.
**The biggest benefit of using this brick is the environment. Through this, it is possible to reduce the massive damage to the climate due to land abuse, deforestation to meet the energy demand, and smoke from brick kilns.

Why Rapsol BD is better then others?

01.Rapsol BD provides proper parts guarantee, warranty, and servicing support for all their machines.
02. Each machine is guaranteed to produce the right amount of product at a proportional rate over time.
03. Rapsol BD provides the necessary training for machine installation, servicing, and machine operation by local and foreign skilled and experienced engineers.
04. Repsol BD cooperates with the buyer to obtain a conditional bank loan against the machine.     05. Rapsol BD helps entrepreneurs by providing proper advice, guidance, and sales of entrepreneurial products.
06. Rapsol BD to all partners to sell venture products on online or digital platforms.
07. If the entrepreneur is interested, Rapsol BD registers him as a local business partner in his region.
08. Rapsol BD helps in solving environmental clearances or procedural complications in setting up factories or machines.  09. To get rid of the scourge of unemployment and build skilled manpower, Rapsol BD has arranged training centers to teach machine operation at various locations in the country.
10. In addition to offline support, Rapsol BD provides online support 24 hours and 7 days a week.
11. In special cases, on certain machines, Repsol BD offers installment facilities to the buyer subject to conditions.